Quality Policy

Alph@linx is certified for ISO 9001:2000 international quality standards. It spends substantial time and energy on quality improvement with a quality policy.

Quality Policy

"Design and Develop Standardized software solutions by using Standardized procedures for our clients with the principle objective of enhancing customer  satisfaction and also to continually improve the processes of our Quality Management System".


Planning Of Product Realization

Determining Product Requirements

Review of Requirements Related to the Product

Customer Communication

Design And Development

Design And Development Planning

Design And Development Inputs

Design And Development Outputs

Design And Development Review

Design And Development Verification

Design And Development Validation 

Control of Design and Development changes



    Quality 1 

Planning Of Product Realization:
Processes needed for Product Realization are planned and developed. Quality objectives are deployed to all processes of the software development life cycle and are reviewed regularly. Required documents & records and Activities for verification, validation, monitoring and measurement are planned and implemented.

Determining Product Requirements:
The Customer Requirements with respect to the product are determined during the process of Requirement Analysis and are documented in the SRS. There are no Statutory / Regulatory Requirements related to the Software Development Activities being carried out by Alph@linx Technologies Ltd.

Review of Requirements Related to the Product: 
Before commencing the Product Development, the requirements are reviewed for Feasibility & Capability by the Project Leader in consultation with the Technical Manager. A Requirements Review Record is maintained for this purpose. On completion of Requirements Review, further stages of the project development are carried out.

Customer Communication:
Customer communication shall be in the form of personal meetings by the MD/PL, e-mails and telephonic discussions.



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